Thursday, March 12, 2015

Things To Consider Before Going Blonde

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Going blonde can be described in no other way but as an adventure. There's a lot to learn and consider on the way to all that fun. About a year ago (after a very brief, but exciting fling with raspberry red) I decided to embark on the journey to blonde. Here are some things I've learned from my experience and what you should consider before starting a journey of your own. It seems like a lot, but for me it was totally worth it!

It Is Going To Be Expensive
Going to a salon (which I highly recommend if you have dark hair because it is going to take a serious amount of bleach. Putting your hair in the hands of a professional is less likely to lead to an excessive amount of damage.) is going to cost you about $300+. Its most likely going to take multiple sessions (most hairdressers I know tell me they won't do multiple bleaches in one day, because hello, thats bad), and once its at your desired level, it will probably cost almost as much to maintain it on a monthly basis.

If you decide to do it yourself (and please, please at least have someone help you if you decide to do it yourself. Especially if you don't have any experience with bleach. Find someone who does. Please. For me, okay?) it will cost about half of that. But that's still a pretty hefty amount to spend on your hair if you're like me and spent the majority of your life with your natural color. Jumping from shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to having to constantly restock toning shampoo, conditioner, bleach, toner, developer, hair masks, leave in conditioner, and whatever styling products you wish to use is a big adjustment. So if you don't think you're up for spending big bucks to maintain your new color, don't do it. Trust me, it won't be worth it.

Its Going To Be A Lot Of Work
If you have the money to do this professionally, monthly trips to the salon are probably going to be your life now. Its going to take a few weeks to get there, and then its going to take a trip every four-six weeks to keep it there. If you can stand the roots enough to go longer than that, go you! But I know after about three weeks mine would start to drive me crazy.

If you're doing this yourself, make sure you only do it if you're someone that is willing to set aside the time to touch up. My hair is naturally almost black, and it takes me two bleaches to get a level light enough to tone it to my white/ash/Daenerys Targaryen blonde. Thats two bleaches of about 45-50 minutes each with a 30 volume developer. My toner takes about another 20 minutes. And I normally spend one or two nights a week putting a mask over my hair for a few hours at a time. I also only use a hair dryer and hot styling products for special occasions to keep from adding even more damage to my hair. Which means a lot of getting up early if I decide to wash my hair in the morning, and a lot of time spent waiting for my hair to air dry. This is the level of dedication you're looking at.

And you're going to need to do your homework. Read about products, read their reviews, read other peoples experiences, read, read, read, read, read. Don't just start slapping bleach all over your head without knowing what you're doing. Ask a hairdresser what volume developer she recommends and how long you should leave your bleach in. Ask your cosmetologist friend. Ask the employee behind the counter at Sally's. Watch those 50 youtube videos. Get as much knowledge about what you're doing as possible before you do it so you don't have to worry about making up for mistakes later. Give yourself the opportunity to get it right the first time so when you're looking at that beautiful, light hair in the mirror all you're thinking about is how frickin' gorgeous you look.

Your Hair Is Going To Be Damaged
There is absolutely no way to bleach your hair without damaging it. It is going to happen. Luckily you can do things to combat this, like treat your hair to some masks, some oil, maybe some leave-in conditioners, and opt to use things like soft or velcro rollers to style your hair instead of reaching for your blow dryer or your curling iron. I know it sounds like a lot of compromises, but its worth it, trust me. Who really cares what color your hair is if it looks fried?

Everyone Will Have An Opinion
All of your friends, family, and co-workers will have an opinion.. and a lot of them will share it without solicitation. It'll be great to hear the compliments the change is sure to draw in, but prepare yourself for the well-meaning (but really annoying), "I miss your old hair. This color doesn't really seem like you," and the "When are you going to dye it back?", because they will still be popping up well into your blonde adventure. Just know to take it all with a grain of salt. You look awesome.

And when/if you ever decide to go back to something closer to your natural hair color, know that the same comments will be said about how they miss you being blonde as well. Everyone has their own preferences. Luckily yours is the only one that really matters.

I am not a licensed cosmetologist. This post is the product of my own personal experiences in the hopes that it will give people considering this drastic change a general idea of what they are about to deal with. Consult a professional before doing anything yourself. Do your research. Knowledge is power.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

14 Things I Learned From 2014 (That Will Make 2015 So Much Better)

14 Things I learned from 2014:
photo courtesy of: gubgib
1. Make plans based off what you want to do, not what you feel obligated to do. You don't owe anyone anything. And forcing yourself to be present somewhere you dont want to be is likely to result in pissing someone off anyway.
2. Posting pictures depicting a happy life won't make you happy.
3. Ask house rules BEFORE the game starts.
4. You have the right to change your mind about the things you like/dislike whenever you want. You don't have to still like all the things you did yesterday. We all change. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for that.
5. The most important thing to look for in someone is their belief in you. One of the most damaging things you can do to yourself is to spend a lot of time with someone that thinks (and treats you like) you're going no where. 
6. Don't buy tickets of any kind as a surprise gift for someone. It never works out. 
7. It still hurts sometimes even after its done healing.
8. Check your friend's car for all your belongings before you get out. Its not your friend's job to help you get your shit together.
(But the best ones will make three unscheduled trips in one night back to your house anyway.)
9. If someone really loves you, you'll know. You won't have to wonder if they do.
10.Don't make major life decisions around other people. There's no guarantee that they'll still be there after you move, after you sign a lease, or after everything falls apart. So make sure you're doing what you're doing for you. 
11.There's a right way and a wrong way to love someone. Appreciation is the only right way. Don't let your jealousy or the expectations you have of that person get in the way of their happiness (or your happiness). 
12.Sometimes there's nothing you can do. And screaming at the sky has never changed anything, but if it helps with the feeling of helplessness, do it. 
13.There will be times in your life when you're just someone's ice cream and Netflix binge. Don't hold it against them when its over.
14. Everything is temporary. And if you live correctly, that statement doesn't have to be sad.
- LV

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