Friday, May 11, 2012

Love your Job

Finding the right job can be a lot like finding the right person: It takes time. It takes effort. It takes patience. And it takes passion. A lot of it can be extremely confusing. Some experiences can be completely heartbreaking. And although a lot of things in both the dating and the working world are unclear, there are a few facts that its safe to say can be laid out in black and white.

Rejection hurts

It always sucks when you really, really want something and it ends up not working out the way you pictured. There was a boy in high school that I spent nearly a year waiting around, and working for. I'd go out of my way to be able to walk to school with him. We'd spend long hours on the phone. And just when I thought his efforts to spend time with me were finally starting to equal my own, another candidate was chosen. And my Junior year had proven to be a wasted effort. There are many jobs that have put me through pretty much the same thing (though the time frame was not nearly as long. Thank goodness..) And for a really long time, it was difficult for me not to take each of those rejections personally. How could they have called me in for an interview, and then even a follow up and not hire me? Was it something I said? Did they not think my outfit was professional enough? Each time hurt as bad as the first. But that's normal. Like I said before about things not working the way you want: It sucks.

You're not going to be what everyone is looking for.

But the suck-age becomes a lot easier to bare once you realize this: everybody out there is looking for something different. While in both the working world and the dating world some looked-after traits are pretty much the same (i.e. people that don't shower or change their underwear are going to have a really difficult time finding both a date and a job), you still have to keep in mind that they may be in need of something specific. Even if you're a fantastic worker, and extremely dedicated- if they are looking for a specific skill, it won't matter. And that's okay. No body is good at everything. You wouldn't want to be in a relationship where neither parties can give what the other needs, would you? It would be beyond stressful. You don't want a job like that either.

Eventually you won't have to pad your resume

It is never okay to flat out lie- especially about something serious. Not to a potential boss. Not to a potential boyfriend. It will come back to bite you. It is, however, an acceptable practice to enphasize your positive traits, and not tell them absolutely everything about yourself right then (you're not obligated to mention any crazy or embarrassing memories, traditions, or sayings your family has. And you don't have to mention what you do for fun on the weekends). And although for a while you might have to try really hard for someone, or for a certain job that you want (the majority of us have to start at the bottom) as you gain more experience, more opportunities, and meet new people, you will no longer have to talk yourself up, or pad your resume. You will be able to just say it like it is, and that will be good enough.
And eventually, you'll find your soul mate. Or umm, dream Job.

Something bad, will always leave you with something good.

Unfortunately most of us aren't going to nail it first try. Just like a lot of us end up going through some really crappy relationships, a lot of us will go through a few really crappy jobs. But think of it this way: When walking away from a bad relationship, you're always walking away a wiser, more experienced person. The same goes for every job you have. You may hate that job making sandwiches, or flipping burgers- but because of them you know how to work with people, learned how to deal with problems, and you definitely have a great amount of dedication.

Look for something that makes you happy. 

Just like I don't recommend someone marrying for money, I don't recommend someone working for that sole purpose either. Yes, we all have to make a living.. but we also all have to live. I know when I die, I'm not going to be thinking "Wow, I really wish I had worked harder to make more money." And chances are, neither are you. In the beginning, we do what we have to, because we have to. But that should never stop you from striving to do what you want to do. It may sound cheesy, but you'll be a happier person with a higher quality of life if you're following your heart. Whether it be to find your true love, or live your dream.


  1. Great article darling, really relevant to myself and many others at the moment, inspiring stuff :D


    1. Thank you dear!It means a lot to hear that(:

  2. This is such great advice! Thanks!

    1. No problem! I'm glad you enjoyed it, love(:

  3. Great post!

    Best, Jenny

  4. Good tips. Loving your job is probably the hardest thing to deal with. Either you love your job and it doesn't pay well, or vice versa. catch 22.

  5. Great advice! It is incredibly hard to come across a job/career that you love, and I think all these tips go a long way to finding one.

  6. great morale boosting tips. I'm going to be jobhunting again soon in a recession so need all the tips i can get!

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Love Your Job

Finding the right job can be a lot like finding the right person: It takes time. It takes effort. It takes patience. And it takes passion. A lot of it can be extremely confusing. But trust me... its out there.

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