Sunday, August 24, 2014

4 Things You Didn't Realize Were Hurting Your Skin

Under even the best circumstances, our skin takes a real beating on a daily basis. We burn it. We cover it with makeup, our sweat, and food. Its submitted to UV rays and air pollution. We subject it to germs, and then disinfect it with chemicals. We pop our pimples and scratch at patches.But there are three super-simple, no-brainer things you can start (or stop) doing right now to immediately improve the condition of your skin. 

Disinfect your Phone
Would you want someone putting one of the human races most contaminated objects on you? No? Neither does your face. Your cell phone is probably picking up thousands of germs through out your day (think of all the places you touch with your hands, set down your phone, ect.) By disinfecting your phone your eliminating thousands of germs waiting to cause a break out. A Clorox wipe every once in a while could go a surprisingly long way.

Wash before you Sleep
Its surprising how many women don't actually wash their face before they go to bed at night. Some of us pile a lot of stuff on our faces in the morning- maybe even throughout the day. I know the occasional crazy night happens, but making your skin a nightly priority is the easiest way to improve its health and appearance ten-fold. 

No Pain No Gain? No way..
There is no reason for you to be scrubbing the heck out of your skin when you wash it. Yes, its important to remove any dead skin (no one wants an excess of dead cells lying around all over them) but scrubbing too hard or too long can damage your skin, and you don't want that either. And whatever product you're using doesn't have to give you that burning sensation to work. So don't wait for the pain.. its our bodies way of letting us know damage is being done to it. Keep that in mind next time you wash up!

Be Sun Smart
Sometimes I can't believe the number of women I still see laying out in the sun when its 2014 and we're all well aware of the damage it does to us. Am I saying I think people should avoid the sun like the plague? Of course not (Vitamine D is important, yo). But when "laying out" and deliberately tanning you're causing some serious damage to your skin. Damage that will manifest in later years as dark spots, wrinkles, and leathery (and possibly cancerous) skin. You'll be thankful later that you took an extra few minutes to apply some sunscreen before heading out, or for purchasing some spf 15 makeup to use in the morning. 

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  1. Great post! Great advice!


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