Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Clothes

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Do you love your clothes? I love my clothes. And since we all spend a lot of money accumulating the perfect closet, shouldn't we be doing whatever we can to maintain the beauty of each our carefully curated pieces? Below are some basic (and often overlooked) ways to take care of your clothes. Happy closets surely pave the way for happier days.

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Follow proper cleaning instructions. Dry clean or hand wash your silks, don't bleach your jeans (unless you're trying out an awesome DIY of some kind), hand wash your cashmere, ect.

Let your clothes breathe
Make sure there's enough room in your closet for your clothes to breathe. Don't leave them all scrunched up together. This will help keep them wrinkle free and crisp (and away from another trip under a hot iron).

Don't wait to treat a stain
Stains should be treated immediately with cold water or seltzer. Just blot, don't rub. (bonus: White wine can also be used to remove red wine stains.)

You don't need to wash your jeans after every use
Jeans actually don't need to be washed every time you wear them. Most jeans today that are pre-washed and treated only need to be thrown in the laundry once they start sagging or you accidentally spill something on them. And jeans without the washes and fading (raw denim) shouldn't be washed for up to six months, as they need time to conform to your body (yes, that's actually a thing! They really do that.). You can steam them to keep them fresh in between wears, or hang them up in the bathroom before you take a shower. When you do finally wash them, be sure to do so inside out with cold water.

Invest in care for your leather
Leather items (leather jackets especially) should be treated with some kind of scotch guard to protect them from water and stains. Investing in a leather conditioner and getting leather items cleaned professionally once every twelve months will keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Be gentle with your lingerie 
Properly fold your bras to maintain their shape instead of just messily tossing them in your drawer. Hand wash them in cold water and a few cap fulls of mild detergent. Lay them flat on a towel to dry.

Don't ignore sweat
Any sweaty items should be hung up if you can't wash them immediately (though you should do your best to wash them right away to avoid stains and odor setting into the clothes). Bunching them up or throwing them into a laundry basket will only contribute to mildew. If the smell of sweat has already set itself into your clothes, soak them in the sink with one part vinegar three parts water for about an hour before washing. This should help eliminate any odors.

Opt for a front loading washer
If you're in the market for a washing machine, choose a front loading one. A top loading washer is generally tough on clothes and more likely to damage them.

Prepare for storage
Be sure to clean your seasonal clothing before you store them away for the following year. Moths are attracted to things like perfume, smoke, and food. Don't encourage them!


  1. I'm so guilty of this! I have a trunk full of cloths that have yet been dry cleaned. -___- Lovely pointers!

    ♥ | www.connect-the-cloths.com | xoxo

  2. I totally agree- although have to admit my lingerie draw looks like a dogs breakfast... I am not a morning person, but you are absolutely right. *note to self - take more care*

    Sah xx

  3. I think i have to take better care of my clothes too!!
    great tips,love ur blog:)


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