Friday, March 16, 2012

Trend Love: Short, Full Skirts

Warmer weather is bringing us shorter, more feminine clothing this year. It's empowering to embrace our inner girly-girl. And with the recent popularity of more and more of these looks, we have been going absolutely crazy- its hard to find a trend right now that we aren't completely in love with. Our favorite? The sweet and sexy, short full skirt. 

And we are more than pleased that it doesn't look to be going anywhere soon. The street style favorite has also been seen all over the runway. Not just during for Spring 2012, But for Pre-fall and fall as well. From Lanvin to Jil Sander and everyone in between, its captured all our hearts (and our doe). 

So what is your take on this re-appearing trend? 


  1. Yummy. I love these skirts 'cause they create the illusion of curves for those of us lacking them.

  2. I love full skirts, I think is a forever trend.


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