Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easy ways Fashionistas and Beauty Gurus can Go Green

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-buy an electric razor
Its amazing how many disposable razors we go through on a yearly bases. Imagine how much plastic and landfill space we'd be saving if we all just switched to Electric ones?

- donate your old hangers 
We throw out so many of them! Next time donate your extra hangers to a local thrift store or dry cleaners. They'll be greatly appreciated!

- buy organic cotton
"Cotton makes up 50% of our Fiber needs," Says Peyton Baldwin of Mother Earth News, "But the majority of it is grown with toxic chemicals". And those chemicals have been known to cause birth defects, reproductive disorders, and weaken immune systems. Its not good for us, and its not good for the Earth. Organic cotton is grown without using the pesticides these chemicals are in.

- use reusable batteries
Keep those left over chemicals (the ones that seep out of those disposable ones) from re-entering our ecosystem by buying rechargeable batteries. (one's that you can use in your electric razor!)

- Put Down the Blow Dryer
Give your hair a break while saving energy by putting down the blow dryer every other day. By letting your hair air dry, you'll be saving energy as well as ensuring yourself healthier, better looking hair. 

- use leftover plastic containers to organize nail polish/makeup
We buy so many plastic food containers. And you know where they end up? Sitting in a landfill for thousands of years. Use some of those containers to organize your makeup and nail polish. With a few stickers or some paint they could be really cute, and they'll definitely save you some time! (time you'd normally spend digging through everything to find that one shade of blue you swear you bought two weeks ago..)

-turn down your shower temperature 
You're saving energy just by turning down the heat a little bit! No ones saying to take a cold one every day (I know I would go absolutely insane) but by going "warm" instead of "scalding hot" you're saving energy. And your skin will be just as happy about it as the environment. 

- use natural shampoo
You would be surprised at some of the harmful chemicals that come in everyday shampoos! And if those chemicals are harmful to the enviroment, do you really want to be putting them on your scalp anyway? There are so many products out there that are made from natural ingredients. Look for those instead. It might take a little extra label reading- but trust me, its a good skill to have.

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  1. Great post darling. I regularly go without my hair dryer, my hair is very thankful for it :D



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