Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Infamous Black Diamond Nails

If you haven't heard of Kelly Osborn's $250,000 manicure worn to the 2012 Emmys last Sunday, it's probably because you were either stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the pacific, or you were busy saving the world.
Osborn's nails were undoubtedly the star of the evening- and probably the most talked about moment of this years Emmy Awards. Can you imagine showing up somewhere with $250,000 in your hands? It would definitely be the most exciting/nerve-racking thing you've ever done, right?

Well as invigorating of an experience as it was for Kelly, it seems it wasn't so for fans. Many fans were upset, and downright outraged at the manicure; causing Osborn to apologize via twitter last night.

On first thought, its was baffling that she would even need to apologize for something like this. She was chosen by Azature for the opportunity to wear the one-of-a-kind nail varnish- and I'm sure most girls would have had the same enthusiastic reaction if put in her place. So why would fans be so upset? Well we think it has something to do with what this gal is saying: 

And she makes a good point: with so many financial issues going on all over the world, a manicure that expensive really does seem like a waste. But if Kelly didn't pay for it, and simply just wore a polish that was already created by Azature, and not her, should fans really be offended? If anything, shouldn't they be talking about the creator of the nail polish?

What do you think: Was Osborn in the wrong when wearing a $250,000 manicure? Or do you think its a shame that people are beginning to ruin the experience for her by looking at it so negatively? 

1 comment:

  1. No, Osborn was simply asked to wear it. People need to get over it. Money is wasted all the time on pointless things. For example, I guarantee that "Crystal" has bought a plastic disposable water bottle before in her life. Talk about a waste. It's called tap water. Yes, some states don't recommend that you don't drink from the tap-- and that's understandable, but Crystal here is from L.A. and her drinking water is legit. Anyways, I don't see her make-up give-aways benefiting any third world country either.

    I don't like or dislike Miss Osborn, but I honestly don't care what's on her nails. But the critics for something as minor as this is just silly.


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