Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Twitterverse: Is It Possible To Predict Trending Topics?

What if you knew what was going to trend before it happened? If you're an avid tweeter, this could mean great exposure, and more followers. If you're a brand, this could mean a chance to grow your following and bump up those lovely little profile numbers, which means more potential to influence consumers. According to MIT, who recently created an algorithm that predicts twitter trends, it could very soon become a reality.

Trending topics are selected automatically depending on the number of tweets and how often the topic is being mentioned. MIT's new trend predicting algorithm is able to predict trending topics hours before hand with a 95% accuracy. Now is that awesome, or is it awesome? Yeah. We thought so, too.(source)

But if Twitter was suddenly so predictable, would it be as fun? As addictive? Or would the magic of the ever-changing social phenomenons die? Tell us what you think. 

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