Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to keep your Summer Makeup from Melting

Longer days and warming temperatures get us giddy with excitement for the Summer season; right up until it melts our morning beauty routine off our faces, that is. Its going to be hot. And heat means you're going to sweat. But that doesn't have to stop you from enjoying the season, or looking like the totally rad, fresh-faced babe that you are. You spend way too much time concealing, evening, and lining (and possibly rationing your favorite shade of eyeshadow so that it will last just a little bit longer) to just let it melt off half way through your day. So here are some ways you can beat the heat and avoid the Wicked Witch act.

Rid yourself of the Oils in your life
Oily skin and oily makeup are both the prime culprits in this crime against beautanity. Oil based foundations and most cream based eyeshadows/blushes are going to melt faster in the summer heat, so ditch them for something in powder form instead. Also consider switching to an oil-preventing cleanser. Makeup is going to stay put for a longer period of time if you're applying it to an oil-free canvas. 

Go Easy
Don't layer on the foundation- even if you're using a powder, sweat can still leave streaks and creases. The more makeup you have on, the more of a mess its going to be if it melts off. I would say to skip it all together, but if the sound of that completely freaks you out try to only use it where you need it. The same rule goes for concealer. BB and CC creams are also another great alternative. 

If you can't go without
If you can't skip the full face of foundation, make sure you at least use a primer first and then finish everything off with a translucent setting powder. In fact, this is a great rule for everything: foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, all of it. 

Avoid liquid makeup
I know what its like to be a liquid liner addict, but summer is the best time to finally admit you have a problem and begin to live life like any other normal living being. Liquid eyeliners and lipliners are more likely to smudge or run down your face when you begin to sweat. So try to opt for something else when you know its going to be hotter than hell outside. You can always stash it in your purse for when the sun finally goes down and things cool off.

Waterproof it, or stain it
For makeup that will stay all day ,switch your normal mascara out for a waterproof one and your lipstick out for a stain instead. 

Carry blotting papers like you would emergency tampons
No seriously. If its ridiculously hot outside, blotting papers are going to be your new best friend. They're the best way to rid your face of sweat and keep your makeup looking fresh. Just make sure to blot, not rub. 

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