Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Party Survival Tip #2- Go With Bold lips

When making an appearance at a holiday party, everyone wants to stand out! The best way to do it this year? with fabulously bold lips! Its a statement this is sure to hold everyone's attention.
Especially the men. Last year a study by Manchester University showed that red lipstick in particular held men's attention longer than lighter, or nude colors. Why does this happen? Red lips signify youth, sex, and fertility. So the subconscious mind perceives this as more attractive- a theory that makes a lot of sense considering our primal instinct to reproduce. Sam Leith, columnist for The Telegraph, thinks a little differently.

"It does not begin to follow that because men tend to find women in red more attractive, they are being "driven by primal instincts that associate the colour with sex". They are being driven, rather, by centuries of Western cultural norms that have associated the colour," He says in his article highlighting his thoughts on why men are attracted to ladies in red

Whatever the reason may be, why not go for it? Even if attracting a man isn't on your mind (women have been shown to be more attracted to the color too!) why not wear something makes a statement, makes your smile appear whiter, and show off one of everyone's most attractive features- your smile!

Tip: Go for a lip stain instead of a lip stick! The stain is less likely to smear, come off on a glass of campaign, or give away who you met under the mistletoe! 

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  1. love the color! Red lips is the sexiest detail in a woman! Visit my blog and follow if y like, thank y!


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