Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Best Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

December is crazy. Between going to parties, planning you're own, sending cards, decorating, and all the other everyday things (like umm.. our jobs) that we are still expected to do, it's hard to squeeze in time to fill up the empty spaces under the tree and the stockings that have hung quietly in the corner the last few weeks. And now with Christmas around the corner, you're rushing to make up some lost time. We've got a few stocking stuffer ideas that are sure to put your frantic mind to ease!

1. Candy
Buying someones favorite candy is a win-win for both of you; its inexpensive, takes up space, tastes great, and makes people happy. What more could you want in a gift?

2. Gift Cards
They're easy and convenient. And although most people will try not to get them as actually gifts for those close to them (as they usually do not involve a lot of thought) they're perfect for filling up a stocking. From the persons favorite clothing, to their favorite place to eat- you'll have so many options and price ranges to choose from.

3. Travel/Trial Size Lotions, perfumes, and Beauty Items
The great thing about sizing it down? You can fit more of the stuff they love for only a fraction of what you would normally spend! They'll appreciate the opportunity to try out all the new products they normally wouldn't. And if they end up with an absolute favorite, you know exactly what to get them on their birthday!

4. Loto Tickets
Since when do Stocking stuffers have to be conventional? They'll love your creativity- and the chance at winning it big!

5. Christmas Ornaments
Give them something that will remind them of your kindness for years! Everyone could use another ornament or two for their tree.

6. Free Movie Ticket Vouchers
People work a lot these days.. prompt them to take some time for themselves!

7. Handmade Coupon Books
There are an endless number of things you could use. "Back massages", "Foot Rubs", "Get out of doing the dishes for a night" are just a few examples of the many possibilities for this fun (and money free) gift.

8. Mix CD's
It's another money saving alternative that will also save you another trip to the store. Everyone loves music. Don't know they're taste? That's okay! Throw together some of your favorites and see what they think.

9. Mistltoe
Its the perfect gift for your holiday sweetie! Or maybe a great gag gift for a friend.

10. Coal
So what if its a bit of a cliche? Its great for a few laughs as you bring out the real gift. And if they're deserving, they're deserving!

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  1. These are some great ideas. Gift cards are always a fun gift to give & receive!!


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