Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spring Clean Your Closet

Make room for the items that will rule this spring without creating a closet crater. You don't have to dive right in.. we'll take this one pinky toe at a time!

A new year has just begun and we're already thinking about the trends of the upcoming season! Not a shocker that next season's neons, full short skirts, and sporty vibe is already such an attention grabber.. But in all our oh's and awe's we're already starting to forget an important factor concerning our wardrobe. For most of us, we're right in the pit of winter.
This of course, is a great opportunity for us to not only get more excited about the trends the weather won't yet allow us to wear, but give us time to prepare our closets for their seasonal clean out. Although it's tempting to be the one of the first to flaunt the runways star pieces, trying to load up on all the items now will result in a serious closet overload- not to mention a consistent anxiousness for warmer weather, and the "over it now" feeling you are sure to acquire by the end of March. And who really wants that?
Instead, I think its best for us all to take things one step at a time. Spreading it all out is going ensure all those holiday gifted pieces still get the attention they deserve, while allowing you to still satisfy your cravings for next seasons wonders. Don't stop yourself from making room if your feeling the urge to. Instead, start the year with the resolution of only going overboard where its appropriate: with your creativity. Make room a little bit at a time and limit yourself to buying one trendy item a week (at most). This will insure that you make the most out of everything you're spending money on, and that everything in your closet is getting its fair share of wear!

There are, of course, a few signature items that you should keep on hand year-round. No matter the weather, or the current trend, these are the clothing pieces that seem to always be able to successfully pull an outfit together. Spear them from the trip to the thrift store or your younger cousin's house when clearing the closet. These are the items we suggest holding onto:

The Classics- These are the clothes that are always in style. The items every girl should have in her closet.
- Basic Ballet Flats
- A White Dress Shirt (Button-ups are best!)
- A head turning LBD
- Black/Nude Pumps
- An all weather Trench Coat
- Black and White Tank tops/T-Shirts
- A Bandeau
- A great fitting pair of Jeans
- A pair of Black Leggings
- A simple Clutch

The Signatures- These are items that make you, YOU. Maybe its a necklace you're known for wearing, or a shirt that you always get compliments in. If its something you love, and something people love on you, it'll be worth keeping!

The Sentimentals- Life's too short not to enjoy the little things! If its something that means a lot to you, don't feel really bad about hanging on to it. I have one or two shirts from my late mother that I hold on to, and a t-shirt I made with my best friends in high school that I know I will probably never wear in public again. But thats the key to these kinds of items- limiting them to one or two. You don't need your ex's left behinds. You don't need that dress you wore to the sadies dance in high school.

These are the things that definitely need to go:

The Squatters- These are the items that have been sitting in the back of your closet for 3+ months not doing their fair share of time making you look awesome. They don't hold any sentimental value, but they've managed to sneak their way into a spot between your favorites. Kick 'em.

The Damaged- Anything with holes, stains, or broken zippers needs to either be repaired or removed.

The "Motivation" Pieces- I understand the workout motivation that can sometimes come from clothes that you buy thinking "one day I'm going to be able to wear this. And I'll look amazing." But in all reality you shouldn't allow yourself to have more than one of these in your closet. If its too small, or too big, it needs to go. 


  1. Oh yes, definitely have the spring cleaning bug and it's only January! Your list reminds me that I don't have a nice white button blouse anymore and I really should get one! Great suggestions! :)

  2. I liked this post, I definitely need more of the classics and less of the signatures. I've found that quite a lot of my clothes clash as I have so many signatures. I love preparing my new wardrobe for new seasons, although in england I don't normally need to. I will keep you in mind for the blog make over, I'm not going to do it just yet but I will announce when I do. I always do little things and help tweak people's blogs for them/make stuff on photoshop on request already anyway :) xo

  3. Great post!! Wonderful ideas/suggestions!

  4. Button-ups? Au contraire, button-DOWNS (preferably in oxford cloth) are far superior.

  5. I have ti check my wardrobe!!
    Thanks for the ideas!!

  6. oooh soo true; every girl needs to have each of those in their wardrobe. Btw thanks for the absolutely lovely comment on my blog. Am loving yours already; now following. Have a goodnight gorgeous.

  7. Great tips! I need to do some closet cleaning.
    xo Annie

  8. great post and some useful tips!


  9. Great post, I'm on a wardrobe purge at the moment. Looking forward to spring already x

  10. Great informed post! I look forward to more!

    H x


  11. I love cleaning out my closet, it's surprisingly theraputic! Thanks for sharing!


  12. Thank you so much for your sweet comment and for following my blog! You have a new follower now, too :) I love what you have going on here!

    Take care,
    <3 Karen from

  13. For staple jewelry items, a nice classic diamond tennis bracelet, pair of diamond studs or diamond pendant necklace could be worn with many different looks. Something versatile is key!


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