Monday, February 13, 2012

Overheard at New York Fashion Week

"Overheard at #NYFW 'I need to get that model some water before she falls over like a tree".. #moreliketwig" - @manhattancanuk (Vanessa King)

"Overheard in NYC. 'I'll only do lunch if its a bosy one.' ..ya... its #NYFW" - @jakehammel (Jake Spencer Hammel)

"Overheard: I wanted to wear my Navajo Scarf, 'cause you know, I'm having a Navajo moment, but I left it at bar two weeks ago.'" - @StyleIT (Sarah Conley)

"Overheard at the tents this week at #NYFW- 'how high is stripper high?' When heel height confuse fashion folk."- @marian_kihogo (Marian Kihogo)

"Overheard in the Lincoln Center bathroom: 'So I just returned to Veganism.' #nyfw " - @amyodell (Amy Odell)

"Overheard: 'I can't smell like hamburgers when I interview the designer.' #mbfw #NYFW #Overheard" - @TiffanyTweet (Tiffany Olson)

"Overheard 'This Show is so crowded , my face is literally stuffed in someone's Afro.' #nyfw #mbfw" - @KENTONmagazine (KENTON Magazine)

" 'Wait, there is no booze bar this year? Fiber one has taken over.' Overheard leaving #RichardChia at #NYFW" - @Caitkeating (Caitlin Keating)

"Overheard on the stairs of @MilkStudios "I could put my flats on but it feels like giving up." - @cristinewhitney (Christine Whitney)

"#overheard 'PETA would kick the hell out of this elevator. There's a lot of fur in here.' #nyfw"- @KENTONmagazine (KENTON magazine)


  1. Some of these are just hilarious!

  2. Haha that's awesome!

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