Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Gift List

Valentine's Gifts for Him
When it comes to Valentine's Day, I'm apt to go for anything personalized. But there's no need for the cheesy personalized puzzles, or heart shaped box. Why not get him something he'll actually use?

Personalized Boxers

I loved these personlized "Property of" boxers I found on Personalization Mall! Too funny! (think the property of is too much? They have amazing silk boxers you can embroider his name in as well!)

A Nice Watch

A classic watch (whether it be wrist or pocket) is a great gift for any man in your life. Its also a gift that enables you to leave a special message. So that every time they wear it they see the sweet engraving reminding them how important they are to you!

Funky iPhone cases

There are so many unique funky iPhone cases out (like the oldschool gameboy case above) that there's bond to be one perfect for him. It just takes a little scrolling. But we found a great place for you to browse! - Zazzle -

Gifts For Her
SmashBox camera ready BB cream

You can't go wrong with Sephora's latest hot topic- with four shades to lead you to perfection, its bound to become as popular all over the rest of the world as it has in Asia. And trust me. She will love it.


The foldable, rollable shoe. These comfy shoes can roll up and fit easily in your purse. Perfect for when your girl needs a break from those stunning heels she's been rocking all day.

Tiffany & Co Bead Bracelet

What girl doesn't love Tiffany's? And a better question.. What girl wouldn't want this around their wrist?

*This is not a sponsored post, and all gift suggestions were selected because of my own personal taste and opinions. Endear, nor any of its staff, received any kind of compensation for creating it, or listing any of the products.


  1. OMG seriously like the personalized boxers!!! OMG i am totally doing that for the bf!!!

    p.s. we are truly blessed and ever so grateful for having you on our team. Thank you for everything doll. :)


  2. nice blog! thanks for the comment! Long time i havent seen dress like mine, this shoulder is rare, but if i see similar i will let you know! :) ANI

  3. those boxers are funny! I like the I-phone cases too
    I am following you
    <3 :D


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